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HOWDY BUCKAROOS! I'm Ollie, a long nosed leopard lizard. I hail from Murrietta, Nevada but I currently hang my hat in San Diego. Although I was born August 2004, I'm a hardcore Democrat. But above all else, I loves them crickets!

Friday, April 29

Don't count your lizards before they hatch

Laying eggs
Paris in the process of laying out the third egg.

Paris laid three eggs yesterday. Not certain if they're fertilized (Vic's the father) but here's hoping to three baby lizards in six weeks. The eggs are currently lying in wait in a Hova-bator. The size of the egg is roughly one inch and should grow in size in the upcoming weeks. Next lizard to lay eggs... Nicky! Should happen any day now.

Interesting fact: if the incubator temperature is the same temperature, the lizards will all be the same sex. Fluctuating temperatures will produced mixed sexes.

Egg covered in dirt.

Monday, April 25

Baby pictures

Ollie's first photo EVER
In anticipation of eggs from Nicky and Paris, I'm posting my first photo. The photo above was taken when I was four days old. (Check the size of the head and the scrawny thighs.)

A bit of information: baby lizards are called hatchlings. A long nosed leopard lizard hatchling is determined by the red spots on the back that extend from the base of the neck to the tail. When the spots disappear, they are considered juveniles or yearlings. A full grown adult is determined by length from snout to tail (10 inches and longer) and age (two years and above). A full grown leopard lizard can sometimes reach 16 inches! For the record I am currently 9.5 inches -- a large leap from when I was less than five inches when I was born.

Another tidbit. My color changes based on how much sun I've received. When I'm dark gray, I need more heat and the dark colors help me absorb more. (Notice how a black car is hotter when it's been sitting outside as opposed to a lighter colored car). When I'm a light gray, I'm fully "charged." My reflexes are better and I'm faster. Well that's enough information for today.

Thursday, April 21

The happiest day of my life

It's not a reality but it could be true if only she would love me. The only thing I have to offer her is my tiny lizard heart and a box of crickets.

Wednesday, April 20

Shedding AGAIN

Yup. Can ya believe it?!? I'm shedding again. Second shedding for 2005. It's a good thing and not a sign of a skin ailment but means I'm growing even if barely.

Thursday, April 14

Review of my blog

"Ollie is the Godzilla of Lizard Blogs"
- Steve Adamek-- Baghdad
Bugle entertainment writer

Saturday, April 9

Now that's what I call a cricket!

Cricket babe
This a followup post regarding the guy who combines his two interests: Star Trek and playmates. I'm combining mine: babes and crickets.

Thursday, April 7

I've been nominated

Layman throws down the gauntlet
John Layman, comic book wanna be writer, doesn't like lizards. His wife looks shocked as I do a little Houdini from his mouth.

Apparently, John Layman HATES lizards (including me). But on the other hand, he has nominated me as Laymamerican Idol on his blog.

I'm honored yet offended but I will fight to the end if my odds of winning are 19-1. If you feel so inclined, please vote for me.

Monday, April 4

Happy spring!

I can finally feel the sun! Spring has finally arrived here in San Diego. I've been spending a few hours each day soaking up real sunlight (no more relying in bulbs for me) and my appetite has returned. Hopefully it will mean I will pack on a few more pounds and grow a bit more.

Preparations for the impending eggs have been made. Bought an incubator this weekend. The brand is called the Hova-bator. Basically a container with a heating source and temperature contol. It looks chintzy especially since the container is basically a styrofoam box with two viewable windows. The eggs have to be at a variable temperature of 85 degrees. A variable temperature will ensure hatchlings of mixed sexes rather than just all male or female. This is starting to get exciting.

Me digging out in the morning.