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HOWDY BUCKAROOS! I'm Ollie, a long nosed leopard lizard. I hail from Murrietta, Nevada but I currently hang my hat in San Diego. Although I was born August 2004, I'm a hardcore Democrat. But above all else, I loves them crickets!

Sunday, March 27

Who green lighted this project?

I only caught the last half hour or so of Anonymous Rex, a made for TV movie on the SciFi network. The movie is based on a novel by Eric Garcia. The tv guide information description goes like this: In a world where dinosaurs diguise themselves as human beings, a detective tries to uncover his partner's untimely death. The movie looked as bad as the description. If the premise weren't so absurb, I would guess that John Layman ghost wrote it.

Daniel Baldwin and his partner, a dinosaur in disguise.


At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your comments/posts! I was just wondering if you could tell me how to sex leopard lizards? I have 2 (long-noses), approx 2 yrs old, neither has shown breeding colors yet, so I can't tell that way...any info would help. Thanks!


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