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HOWDY BUCKAROOS! I'm Ollie, a long nosed leopard lizard. I hail from Murrietta, Nevada but I currently hang my hat in San Diego. Although I was born August 2004, I'm a hardcore Democrat. But above all else, I loves them crickets!

Friday, August 5

Favorite things for the month of August

I've been posting a lot about myself and sickness in the lizard family and not enough fun stuff. August should be fun. So here goes a quick list of things that makes my little lizard brain want to explode.

-This video. It's videos like this that make me like a song almost immediately plus the choreography work is amazing if not hilarious. It's only second runner up to the dancing sequence to "Jaan Pechaan Ho" (an extra on the Ghost World DVD).

-I wonder if this sheep runs any faster.

-You too can make your very own David Hasselhoff paper airplane.


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