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Tuesday, June 7

Smuggling goldfish

And I thought the item on the man smuggling lizards illegally was bad. Now there's this:

Australian customs hear fishy noises, nab woman

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - An Australian woman was found to be carrying 51 live tropical fish after custom officials were alerted by "flipping" noises coming from beneath her skirt as she arrived at Melbourne airport.

On closer inspection, officers discovered the woman had strapped on an apron of plastic water-filled bags containing the fish, the Australian Customs Service said in a statement on Tuesday.

"During the search, customs officers became suspicious after hearing 'flipping' noises coming from the vicinity of her waist," said the statement.

The 43-year-old woman arrived in Melbourne on a flight from Singapore last Friday. Customs are still trying to determine what type of fish she brought into the country and have not yet charged her with an offence.


At 2:50 PM, Blogger négligé said...

Poor fish!!! flipping noises? hahaha

My mom was in San Diego once, 4 years ago, she visited Seaworld , La Joya and Coronado, it was great!!!

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Homer the cat said...

hummm, I wonder what happened to the fish...

Hi, Ollie, I love your wedding suit!!!

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Miss Wired said...

This just astounds me. Astounding!


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